Day two

Ten Days Confessions:

Day One: Ten Things You Want To Say To Ten Different People Right Now.
Day Two: Nine Things About Yourself.
Day Three: Eight Ways To Win Your Heart.
Day Four: Seven Things That Cross Your Mind A Lot.
Day Five: Six Things You Wish You'd Never Done.
Day Six: Five People Who Mean A Lot. (In No Order Whatsoever)
Day Seven: Four Turn Offs.
Day Eight: Three Turns Ons.
Day Nine: Two Smileys That Describe Your Life Right Now.
Day Ten: One Confession.


1. I LOVE photographing.

2. I want to travel to a lot of places.

3. I have the bestfriends you can get!

4. I don't trust people often.

5. I hate talking in big groups.

6. I love singing.

7. My boyfriend means the whole world to me.

8. I have very strong opinions.

9. I have a secret dream about beeing a author one day.

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18.10.2010 kl.09:02

Ja, for du har jo s sykt "mange" venner


18.10.2010 kl.09:54

Har jeg sagt det ;)))) ?

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