10 days

Jeg s denne pOda's blogg og ble s inspirert.

Ten Days Confessions:

Day One: Ten Things You Want To Say To Ten Different People Right Now.
Day Two: Nine Things About Yourself.
Day Three: Eight Ways To Win Your Heart.
Day Four: Seven Things That Cross Your Mind A Lot.
Day Five: Six Things You Wish You'd Never Done.
Day Six: Five People Who Mean A Lot. (In No Order Whatsoever)
Day Seven: Four Turn Offs.
Day Eight: Three Turns Ons.
Day Nine: Two Smileys That Describe Your Life Right Now.
Day Ten: One Confession.


To Marte -You're the bestfriend I could have. You're brave because you're standing by my side trough everything,even when I'm a bitch. I love you.

To Karoline -Thank you for just beeing you. And for that I can trust you. You made me to the person I am today.

To my boyfriend,Even -I'm so damn happy for that you're mine, and I'm standing by your side trough everything. You're really the best.

To the person I promised not to name at my blog. -You're a amazing person, and friend. I'm sure you will reachall of your goals , and thank you for listening when I'm acting stupid and has to many words to say, you mean alot to me.

To Christopher -Thank you for all the tears / laughters / smiles , and memories.

To my mum-I love you. Deep inside.

To my new classmates - You're great. I hope we'll get alot of memories together.

To Alexander - I'm happy to know you. Even when you're everywhere around the world, and I don't know where.

To Oda -You're the most awesome girl in this world. Seriously.

To my readers -Thank you for staying.

Overse skrivefeil,osv.

- Mailin

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13.10.2010 kl.20:44

Aww, st skrevet. Vakre deg.<3


14.10.2010 kl.12:05

Regner med at du mener denne Oda'en 8) Haha, neida! For et koselig innlegg! Hper virkelig at alle du ville skrive til fr lest det og vet hvor mye du bryr deg om de :)


14.10.2010 kl.15:57


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